Our Mission

PWS is committed to making the lives of kidney patients better in Pakistan.

Why is there a need for awareness of kidney diseases?

Pakistan is amongst those countries where kidney diseases are spreading at a fast pace. Currently, 17 million Pakistanis are suffering from kidney diseases. Out of these, the majority can’t afford proper treatment and this leads to more complications. This increasing number of kidney patients is due to a lack of awareness and inaccessibility to diagnosis and treatment due to financial constraints and lack of kidney hospitals in Pakistan.
PWS has stepped forward to spread awareness about kidney diseases and provide modern facilities to kidney patients, especially in marginalized areas of Pakistan. By sponsoring the awareness campaigns, we are aiming to protect people who are at risk of developing kidney diseases due to genetic or other health factors.

Our Mission - Healthier Pakistan

Awareness about kidney diseases, quick diagnosis, and proper treatment will lead to a healthier Pakistan. We are striving for quality medical facilities in marginalized areas to help underprivileged kidney patients.

Sponsored free medical camps

Funded awareness campaigns for kidney diseases and how to prevent them

Provided grants for modern equipment and facilities for kidney patients

Provided imported machines and equipment for dialysis.

Awareness for prevention

Spreading awareness about kidney diseases will lead to prevention. People at risk will know how to prevent kidney disease with access to modern health facilities.

Modern diagnostics to save lives

Many kidney patients are diagnosed when the illness reaches its chronic stage. This is because of a lack of access to a quick and accurate diagnosis. PWS is committed to saving lives by providing diagnostic facilities to those who can’t afford them.

Reaching suburbs to facilitate kidney patients

There are very few kidney hospitals in Pakistan and almost no health facilities in the suburbs. So by free medical camps, we can reach the kidney patients in the outskirts and facilitate them.

Treating chronic diseases to improve the quality of life

Providing treatment facilities to patients suffering from chronic kidney diseases can help them live a better life with access to dialysis and other possible treatments and medication.

Access to modern health facilities changes lives

Basic health facilities are the right of every citizen. But when many people can’t reach hospitals or get proper treatment, they can suffer from chronic diseases that can’t be cured. So, it’s vital to provide everyone with health facilities and access to hospitals. PWS is committed to providing health facilities to underprivileged patients. These health facilities include awareness about the disease, accurate diagnosis, proper treatment, and follow up. All these facilities can be provided with the help of well-equipped hospitals and trained specialists and staff. These medical facilities can help people live a better life, even with chronic stage illnesses.

How are we addressing this issue?

PWS has collaborated with Pakistan Kidney Center (PKC) located in Abbottabad. This collaboration has helped many kidney patients as PKC is providing diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases, free of cost. With the help of PWS, 70% of patients are being treated without charging a penny. Access to proper diagnosis and treatment has benefited thousands of kidney patients and those who are at risk of developing kidney diseases. PWC has provided all sorts of help and support to PKC in order to facilitate kidney patients.

How many patients are treated in PKC free of cost?

70-75% of patients are treated free of cost. PWS provides grants and funds to look after the patients. Patients are evaluated, diagnosed, and treated without charging anything. We always welcome our generous donors to support this cause.

What health facilities PKC offers?

PKC has modern equipment for accurate diagnosis, digital laboratory testing facilities, dialyzers, and pharmacy. All these health benefits are free for needy patients.

Dialysis facilities

PKC is offering hemodialysis. They have 16 imported dialyzers that are benefiting thousands of patients. Patients who can’t afford are dialyzed free of cost. PWS provides funds to treat these patients. The hospital spends Pkr 50,000 to 70,000 per patient who undergoes dialysis two to three times a week.